Lose yourself in an exceptional location Belle-île-en-Mer

Lose yourself in an exceptional location Belle-île-en-Mer

Belle-Île-en-Mer is one of those increasingly rare, magical places that have managed to preserve their heritage, both in terms of their culture and nature.  By coming here, you are as one with the ocean and the raw, salty, vast natural landscape from the sea to the wooded groves.

Like any island, Belle-Île lives life at its own pace; yet its landscapes are beyond compare.  However, as well as the preserved natural environment, Belle-Île also enjoys a vibrant cultural life with a range of activities that are aimed at those who want to explore the island just as much as they are at those who just want to relax!



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Belle-Île offers 95 kilometres of coastal paths through a variety of highly diverse landscape.  This unparalleled variety adds to the island’s charm, from its windswept centre, then landscapes tat alternate between grain fields and gorse heaths, and the sheltered slopes of the valleys covered with lush meadows and small, whitewashed houses. 



Hearts full of sun

Whatever the landscape, you can enjoy it beneath sunny skies, because the island enjoys a thoroughly pleasant microclimate, with over 2,000 hours of sun per year, resulting in Mediterranean plant life dotted around the island, including palm trees, vines, and fig trees.

The island itself is Brittany’s largest, measuring 17 km by 9 km, with a highest point 70 metres above sea level.  It is divided by a number of small, charming valleys for you to explore, as well as four small towns (Bangor, Sauzon, Le Palais and Locmarai) as well as around a hundred small hamlets.  Don’t hesitate to try bathing on the fine, sandy beaches, with the most scenic undoubtedly being the beach at Port Donnant, just north of the Castel Clara.  Rocky creeks, secret beaches, flower-covered hillsides, brightly-coloured villages, and castles: there’s everything for you to discover the island’s characteristic light, bright ambiance that comes with a sensational feeling of being at the end of the world, as well as a true paradise for hikers and pleasure sailors.


Fill up on activities

All around the Castel Clara, you can take part in a wide variety of water sports, or simply

explore the surrounding area.

  • Nature trips by sea canoe

    Discover hard-to-reach areas and watch the fauna and flora (pre-booking required on +33 (0) 6 82 05 22 53).

  • Water sports and activities

    Diving – with an introductory course at the hotel – find out more at reception

    Windsurfing, sailing, speedboats

    Beach and swimming.

  • Activities on land

    Cycling (including electric bikes)



  • Beach and bathing

    Revel in the pleasures of sunbathing and enjoy the sea on one of the island’s many beaches and creeks.

  • Garden visit

    Unparalleled gardens that make the most of the island’s unique climate.

  • Goulphar Lighthouse

    Visit the large, 52-metre high lighthouse at Goulphar, which dates from 1836.   You can climb to the top via the 213 steps in the granite stairs, offering views over the entire island in clear weather. 

  • Fort des Poulains

    The Fort des Poulains, named for “Les Poulains” (“The Colts”) was built in 1859 and purchased by the actress, Sarah Bernhardt, in 1894.  Find out more at reception


  • Sarah Bernhardt Memorial

    The Fort des Poulains, named for “Les Poulains” (“The Colts”) was built in 1859 and purchased by the actress, Sarah Bernhardt, in 1894.  Find out more at reception.

  • Vauban Citadel

    The medieval Vauban-style castle on Belle-Île, founded in the eleventh century, overlooks Le Palais harbour and today also features an art and history museum, naval exhibits, as well as concerts and exhibitions.

Music and events

Belle-Île is host to a number of festivals throughout the year, representing all musical styles from rock to jazz and classical music, as well as occasional street artists.  Belle-Île is bursting with cultural activities, with one of the key factors being the richness of its community life.

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A lively art scene!

The Island is the chosen location of many painters, photographers and craftspeople.  Particular standouts include Erwan Amice, a photographer who specialises in photographing the seabed and whose work you should not hesitate to discover by visiting Sauzon.  Also don’t miss the paintings of Kékel’Bosco, who paints onto objects, or Benjamin Abraham’s impressive barnacle lamps.

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