A world of gentle relaxation The Castel Clara Thalassotherapy

A world of gentle relaxation The Castel Clara Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is essential to the concept behind the Castel Clara and is entirely appropriate for the property’s coastal location.  That is why we offer modern, fully equipped facilities, high-quality treatments and cures adapted to suit your requirements, from fitness training through to the Sliming and Oxygen curative therapy.




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Our goal: to take care of everything for you, leaving you free to let go and enter a world of relaxation and treatment without a care in the world.



After making contact with our particularly attentive and available team of staff, you’ll be fully supported with no restrictions whatsoever in order to maximise the relaxing effect of your stay and to achieve immediate, beneficial results.


You’ll also enjoy state-of-the-art equipment (including a 15-metre seawater immersion pool, swan neck jets, and underwater jets) in a setting designed to promote a warm, zen-like atmosphere that overlooks the infinite expanse of the ocean.

A unique feature of the Castel Clara is that each cure includes a daily massage..



Thalassotherapy treatments

The Castel Clara offers a wide range of treatment courses designed to meet your wants and needs.  



  • Essential Cure

    This treatment course, which is included in our Thalasso Package, combines the benefits of sea water and its active ingredients to provide beneficial effects for your body and mind.

    Enjoy a true concentration of energy that will restore tone and vitality to your body.

  • Excellence Cure

    Set your sights on absolute wellbeing with a curative treatment that’s “all for you”, with the support of a naturopathic therapist.

    As for the “Massages of the World” treatment course, it offers relaxation in its purest form thanks to relaxation techniques that are drawn from countries all over the world.

    The “Beauty” treatment course alternates between facial and body treatments with our beauticians.

    The “Detox” treatment course will release your tensions, blending relaxing treatments with massages and physical activity.

  • Expert Treatments

    Overcome cigarette addiction with the “Help to Quit Smoking” course, which combines Ericksonian hypnosis with naturopathy.

    Try the “Slimming and Wellbeing” curative treatment for sustainable weight loss, based on nutritional balance and body treatments that are tailored with the help of a personal trainer.

    Maintain your health capital with the “Sea and Rehabilitation” treatment course, via a customised programme undertaken in hot seawater

    Or why not opt for the “Lighter Leg” cure to learn the secrets of good circulation via massage and treatment of key areas of the body.

  • Dynamic Courses

    Why not try a treatment that combines sport and relaxation, following a range of formulas that are tailored to your preferences and passions.

    “ Tonic & Thalasso Coaching,” “Golf & Wellbeing,” “Back to Nature,” “Surf & Thalasso”: each one is ideal to get yourself back into shape, have fun and make the most of Belle-Île and its many benefits to help you relax.

  • Thalasso à la carte

    Select the treatments to suit you, and combine them as you please!