A spa hotel in Brittany by the sea, to forget the mainland

You don't choose Belle Ile en Mer on a whim. You want to discover it for its wild landscapes, this preserved nature, these elements that are unleashed as if man had never touched this little piece of land. The Castel Clara, your hotel Spa Brittany seaside will be the ideal extension of this spirit so typical of Belle Ile.

Castel Clara, your hotel with spa in Brittany

Belle Ile en Mer has to be earned. First of all, you have to go to South Brittany and then take the boat that will take you off the Gulf of Morbihan to reach your hotel with spa in Brittany by the sea. But what a gift to arrive on this wild land, where the hand of man has left only minimal traces. You will be rewarded for all your efforts from the first glance at your hotel spa Bretagne by the sea. There is the view of the sea wherever you are in the establishment, the iodine-scented ornamental garden, the bicycle rides that start from Castel Clara. Even the charm of the marine decoration, the exceptional comfort of this 4-star hotel, the 1,200 m² thalasso area, the gourmet restaurant, the terrace of Café Clara with a view of the sea, will not be able to compete with the extraordinary landscapes in which the hotel blends so well.

Hotel spa by the sea in Brittany, all the benefits of the island for your body

If we had to describe this hotel with spa by the sea in Brittany with only one adjective, it would be exceptional. But then we would forget the spa. Located in the heart of the thalasso area, you can enjoy an indoor pool accessible all year round, a hammam and a jacuzzi. Above all, it is the treatments that will leave you with a feeling of plenitude that is so appropriate to the atmosphere of the place. Sothys products of the highest quality and Breton cosmetics, the expertise of specialists in body and face modeling, naturopathy techniques, yoga, hypnosis and sports coaching complete the rather extensive offer of the place. Your health and well-being will be at the heart of your stay in this Brittany seaside spa hotel. From the Gulf of Morbihan and Belle Île, there is no doubt that you will keep unique invigorating memories.

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