An ideal hotel for a seminar in Brittany

A company seminar is designed to strengthen the ties that bind the members of a company. It is generally organized around a series of conferences, as well as various activities. The Castel Clara, the ideal hotel for the organization of a seminar in Brittany, has 2 meeting rooms and offers various services for companies.

These services include the rental of the room, but also a personalized accompaniment during the organization of the company seminar. Indeed, the latter must take into account all aspects of the stay, from the meals to the meetings, through the various activities.

Castel Clara provides companies with all the equipment necessary for a conference or a work meeting. It can also be an ideal place to meet a new business partner.

Organize a corporate seminar in Belle Ile en Mer

This seminar hotel in Brittany offers much more to its residents than just seminar rooms; it has a huge spa (with sauna and hammam), as well as a space dedicated to thalassotherapy. The theme of the company seminar can therefore be developed around relaxation and well-being, conducive to efficient and productive work.

Belle-Ile-en-Mer, the small Breton island on which Castel Clara is located, is also full of outdoor activities, both on land and water. Golf, diving and hiking can help strengthen the bonds of a work team.

Castel Clara also has a gourmet restaurant. It offers sweet and savory delights, featuring local and seasonal products. The bistro and the bar of the Castel Clara allow you to spend more informal moments and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Castel Clara, the ideal hotel for a seminar in Brittany, distinguishes itself by a quality service, associated with an exceptional setting. Everything is done to ensure the success of your professional event.

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