Thalasso Bretagne luxury, an address to remember : Castel Clara

Brittany is a land of thalassotherapy. The richness of the sea and a wild setting are more than conducive to the relaxation of body and mind. There is a particular place in southern Brittany that is ideal for a luxury thalasso in Brittany, it is the Castel Clara in Belle Ile en Mer.

Luxury thalasso in Brittany

What does a luxury thalasso hotel in Britt any need to stand out and make its treatment an exceptional moment? It takes the know-how of the practitioners, of course. You need the quality of the products used. In Brittany, the richness of the marine active ingredients used in thalassotherapy is almost proverbial. You need an exceptional hotel setting. The Castel Clara and its 4-star rating easily meet this requirement. You also need a magnificent setting, which makes you want to forget your everyday life. The cliffs beaten by the wind of the Gulf of Morbihan are an ideal spectacle for that. Finally, you need quality and varied facilities to enjoy all types of cures. And the 1,200 square meters of this luxury thalasso hotel in Brittany are the exact definition of a facility rich enough to offer a customized treatment. How then could you choose another establishment than the most exceptional one in Belle Ile, the Castel Clara ?

High-end thalassotherapy in Brittany, but not only

To say that the Castel Clara is a luxury thalasso in Brittany is flattering for the establishment. But that would not be a tribute to its many assets. Let's not talk about the wild and exceptional setting. Let's rather talk about its 4 stars which honor the marine decoration of the place, the spacious rooms and equipped with all the necessary. Let's rather pay tribute to this gastronomic restaurant, the 180°, which makes the link between the sea cooking and the cooking of the products of the earth of the Southern Brittany with blue lobster at the forefront. Let us underline the presence of the spa with its indoor swimming pool, its hammam and its jacuzzi. For the beautiful summer days, the outdoor pool with sea water, the bike rides on the hundred of kilometers of paths around the hotel, the small fishing ports, the cultural events of the island, all this makes the charm of the place. It is both the exceptional treatments and the pleasure of being in this luxury thalasso hotel in Brittany that will make your stay a unique moment.

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